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Running head: Personality Assessment Instrument Paper Personality Assessment Instrument University of Phoenix April 23, 2012 Personality Instrument A very useful model to assess a person personality and behavior pattern is through the use of the big five test. This test allows an administrator to get an accurate and quick assessment of the patients personality. The big five model is a widely used, modern, validated and replicated methodology for evaluating, understanding, and measuring one’s personality (McAdams, 1992). This test is highly associated with those suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder. And through this test those suffering from OCD will reveal their openness, agreeableness,…show more content…
An Obsessive compulsive impact scale was created to address the issues in those children. Through the use of this test the type and range of issues dealing with OCD were listed in those ranging from 7-12 years of age. These assessment tools are imperative when diagnosing a child suffering from OCD (O’dwyer, 2002). Within this article Valderhaug and Ivarsson both used this scale as it was very helpful, yet they both used the FFM test which also resulted in low self discipline facets. Within the last article, there was a sample drawn from 209 children chosen from the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders from the youth from those suffering from OCD(Radua, Joaquim, & Mataix, 2009). Most of the people were seeking assistance and most of them were young middle aged kids. Out of all 209 kids only 49 showed no symptoms at all. The remainder of the students that show signs and symptoms of having OVD, were then left to take the FFM test. Once these children took that test they reared results that discovered that they too showed a very low percentage in their self discipline facets. This in conclusion would allow one to think that those suffering from OCD that take the FFM test all have low scores when dealing with self discipline. Summary of Research Personality theories can be viewed differently depending upon how it was shared, through different aspects of ones

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