Personality Assessment of Felix Unger in the Odd Couple

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A Personality Assessment of the character Felix Unger in the Movie The Odd Couple
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This paper analyzes and assesses the personality of the character Felix Unger (played by Jack Lemmon) in the movie, The Odd Couple. The paper starts by offering a synopsis of the movie, which is followed by a description of Mr. Unger, his presenting problem, a mental status examination of him, and a history of Mr. Unger’s background. Next the paper offers a five-axis diagnostic impression of Mr. Unger and rationalization for such diagnoses. The paper develops a case formulation which includes the pathology behind Mr. Unger’s diagnosis and recommendations for treatment. Both the case formulation and recommendations for treatment
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After our first meeting it became clear that Mr. Unger was resigned to the fact that he needs to make major changes in his life. The fact that he lost his wife and nearly lost his best friend, as well, were clearly weighing heavily on him.

Mental Status Examination:

Mr. Unger is approximately 55 years-old, is Caucasian-American, and recently separated from his wife with whom he has two school-aged children. He dresses impeccably in pressed suits and polished shoes. He is clean cut and shaven. His hair is cut short and is neatly parted to one side. He has a rigid and stiff posture. He displays rigidity in his thought content which are manifested in preoccupations with cleanliness and his family affairs. He is inflexible in his personality. His wife recently separated from him and called him “impossible to live with.” During their relationship he displayed a huge need to be in control by doing things such as re-cooking a meal she made because he felt he could do a better job or obsessive cleaning their apartment and complaining when she was messy. While he loved her very much and had a sense that he was annoying her, he is so inflexible in his personality that he was unable to make changes. Mr. Unger’s mood is normally elevated due to his obsessive-compulsive nature. He is generally pre-occupied with his job,
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