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Personality Assessment Paper Rochester College Erica Schwartz Everybody has his or her own type of personality. We all act in a certain way that makes us who we are. It is believed that our parents, peers and, the environment we grow up in, shape us. Personality is describes as a combination of emotions, attitude, and behavioral patterns of an individual. There is a reason that we are the way we are and there are many theories that go along with that. Different theorist present their own definitions of the word personality based on their own theoretical positions. Which brings us to discussing Carl Jung’s theory of analytical psychology and Harry…show more content…
They do not have a so-called well-rounded family; everyone seems to have different views and outlooks on life. Stewie being the young and small child he is may be getting some of his inner thoughts from his family. Also, he is mostly suspicious of Lois. As stated before, he is concerned that she is out to get him just as much as he is out to get her. But, in summary, Jung explains that people are neither completely introverted nor completely extraverted either. Some people have a balance of intro and extraversion while others may have more introversion than extraversion or vise versa. I believe that Stewie Griffin has more introversion than extraversion. But, both introversion and extraversion can combine with any one or more of the four functions that Jung explains: thinking, feeling, sensing and intuiting. But we are going to look at all of the introversion views and relate them to Stewie. Thinking is defined as an intellectual activity that produces a chain of ideas. An introverted thinker like Stewie react to external stimuli, but their interpretation of an event is colored more by the internal meaning. These thinkers are also very creative and can have mystical thoughts so individualized that that they are useless to any other person. Relating this to Stewie, no one really knows why he wants to kill his mother. It is his internal thoughts and perception of her that are unknown to the outside

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