Personality Assessments Of College And Truly Had Not Spent As Much Time

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I have taken personality assessments in college and truly had not spent as much time as this analyzing, confirming and questioning the results. The global personality inventory told me I see patterns faster than others and I need to slow down and ensure others keep up. Just last week I was telling my Sr Director that we only have 3-6 months of work planned and we should create a 2 year roadmap. She said, “What if our plans change?” I replied, “That’s okay, at least we have a foundational plan to work from.” I remember from Org Behavior class that when we wait for others to make decisions for us, we lose power. My leader is waiting for direction on what we should do next. We have to tell our Sponsor, the President, what we should do and why. I also learned I like to take charge and influence. I’m interpersonal and read others well, and ensure to pay attention to others’ needs. Some of my areas needing improvement are my need for micromanaging and believing in wrong and right. My problem area is that my expectations of others are too high. I have had a leader in the past that told me this. I led upward a lot during that relationship and many times, he let me down. He said my expectations of him were unrealistic. We had to lay ground rules for our working relationship on how he would lead me best. I didn’t need direction. I was able to create my own work and take him along with me on my plan. I tend to lean too much towards black and white, and don’t leave much room for gray,…
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