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Personality Assessment Review Miranda Basham Clarion University of Pennsylvania Personality Assessments A personality assessment is the measurement of personal characteristics ("personality assessment | psychology"). Personality tests provide measures of characteristics like, feelings and emotional states, preoccupations, temperament, interests, motivations, attitudes, and approaches to interpersonal relations. A personality is a complex pattern of characteristics that are relatively stable over time and that uniquely distinguish the emotional reactions and behaviors of one individual from others (PowerPoint). Personality assessments assist counselors in understanding the behavior of a particular individual, coming to a conclusion about a possible future course of action for the patient, and making predictions about a person’s unique future behavior. There are several instances in which a personality assessment might be used. A career counselor might give an inventory in order to help a person choose a career. A psychologist may want to look at symptoms to possibly diagnose a psychological disorder, so they will administer a personality assessment. A neurophysiologist might administer this type of assessment to determine the extent of possible brain injury. There are a number of different methods in which personality assessments are administered. Some methods include, behavior observation, and interviews. The most common methods are objective tests, and
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