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TEAM ASSIGNMENT #1: Case Study – Astral Marketing 42.211 B

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The main problem Astral Marketing is experiencing is a low level of productivity, mainly due to employee dissatisfaction and low levels of employee motivation. Employees are currently unhappy with wages and incentives, as well as general working conditions at the company. As a result, employees are becoming unmotivated. Issues such as poor communication skills, lack of employee empowerment, high turnover, and too low or too high mental stimulation also have a direct impact on the low level of productivity (Robbins & Langton 2001) The four potential solutions to Astral Marketing’s low productivity include: the formation of a union, team building training,
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Procedural justice – “the perceived fairness of the process used to determine the distribution of rewards” is also defied by the company (Robbins & Langton 2001, p. 170). Company records show “only one or two workers per week (have gotten) the $20 bonus” over the past six months (Schweitzer, p.3). The concept of procedural justice is also challenged through inequitable contract distribution (assuming it can be regulated) at the company. Since the contracts are of broad range, some contracts are more difficult to promote than others are, and the set wages and bonuses do not reflect this inequality (Schweitzer 2002). Another issue is poor communication skills, which result in both a lack of respect for supervisors and a poor level of colleague support. “Having friendly and supportive co-workers leads to increased job satisfaction”, similar to the behaviour of one’s manager (Robbins & Langton 2001, p.108). The employees at Astral Marketing, however, have poor relations with their supervisors, likely because the supervisors are not trained on “how to deal with workers as people” (Schweitzer 2002, p.1). There are also poor relations between employees due to a lack of support and understanding (Schweitzer 2002). Poor communication skills also contribute to the lack of employee empowerment

at Astral Marketing. Empowerment, or “giving employees responsibility for what
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