Personality Can Be A Hard Concept To Pinpoint, Considering

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Personality can be a hard concept to pinpoint, considering the many theories, conceptualizations, and facets of personality. Most can agree that no two people are the same. One individual will always differ from another in some way, shape or form. However, as I have learned in this class many of the theories group traits, or characteristics together, under certain categories to get a better representation of ones personality. For instance if a person gets energy from being in large groups, and enjoys being social they are going fall into the category of being an extravert. For me I believe my personal narrative has had a large impact on my personality and so I am going to start there. I believe that an individuals personal narrative can…show more content…
His hard work and drive to provide for his family, has transcended down to me, as I am very driven to create a bright future for myself, and be able to provide for my family in the same way. Now I don’t have enough space for my personal narrative so I am going to fast forward up until an event that changed my life path and had a significant effect on me. Throughout my childhood, and through high school I never really had to deal with major adversity. In high school I was more outgoing and had many friends, was one of the top baseball players at my school, made great grades, everything seemed to be going perfect. I attended Florida State University for the summer and fall term until I had to withdraw from the University. I was involved with the wrong people, put absolutely no effort into my schoolwork, and fell into a downward spiral. I felt as if I have let everyone around me down, became depressed, and to this day have suffered from anxiety among other things. However this event shaped who I am today. After a year of getting back on my feet getting a job, I had made a goal that I was going to get back into college, prove everyone that doubted me wrong, and I have done just that. I made straight As in community college, was involved in leadership positions, and became involved in community service. My family’s role along

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