Personality Characteristics And Personality Traits

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Part 1: Personality Characteristics and Motivation

Character/Personality Traits:

After Interviewing Tanseer, I got some really useful insights about her overall personality and how she became an entrepreneur. In her opinion, some of the entrepreneurial skills that she acquired over the time were the main reason behind her success. Throughout the beginning phase of the interview she stressed on the importance of Perseverance skills as being utmost important when launching an entrepreneurial venture. She described some of the details about her past ventures and how they did not work well before she started My Fem World Inc. Other skills such as time-management and technologically savvy were also very important as they lay out a firm foundation during the establishment of business goals.

In my opinion, one of the most sought after skills that clearly applies towards Tanseer was ‘Wearing many hats’ as throughout the interview I could understand that she single handedly works on her venture and has to work on everything, right from marketing her business to financing it and operating it successfully. She said “Sometimes you have to work overnights creating budget sheets, working on softwares for optimization and preparing for next morning meetings. You literally have to do everything when you are starting a business”.

One of the other important skills that Tanseer spoke to me about was that of a Risk-taker and she clearly had mastered that skill. She had invested all her
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