Personality Characteristics And Traits That Define A Human Being

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1 Personality Abstract In this topic we will discuss about the meaning of Personality. Personality is the characteristics and traits that define a human being. Its related pattern of someone emotions, thoughts, feelings and behavior. In this discussion we will discuss how each person has a different personality and what features make up their personality. 2 Personality Personality Personality defined who you will become, who you are and who you have been throughout the years of your life. A person personality includes a mixture such as values, hopes, loves, talents, and hate. These qualities it what make each woman being different and a unique person. To understand personality psychologist use theories and concept to have a better understanding. For example some concept psychologist use to define personality is traits, types, self-concept, and self-esteem. Personality traits are a quality that a person have or show in situations they are in. Traits usually develop through a person behavior. When a person personality behavior have been identified we can inferred the possible behavior of a person. Traits are important to a person life because they can influence a person health, occupational success and marital life. Type is another concept that defines personality. Personality types are a group of traits which defined a style of personality. There are two types of personality type introvert and extrovert. An introvert type of person is a person that is shy,
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