Personality Characteristics

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Personality Characteristics
Saundra Moskoff
November 21, 2011
Angela J.W. Steele, Psy. D.

Personality Characteristics People differ from one another not only in physical appearance but also psychologically. An individual’s persona is a mixture of life span experiences in addition to genetic characteristics (Cervone & Pervin, 2010). Saundra Moskoff focused on three personality traits: self-esteem, autonomy, and sociability, and examined how the characteristics developed during her childhood through family and social relations, and education.
Self-esteem is a general evaluation of one’s worth as a person and according to Uszyńska-Jarmoc, (2007), takes the form of a desire to improve, guard, and defend the
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When Saundra attended grade school, her mother divulged information about her own struggle with learning disabilities, and worked with Saundra’s teachers to ensure Saundra was receiving appropriate education. In 1948, Saundra’s grandfather overcame racial barriers and graduated from Howard University with a degree in Pharmaceutical Medicine. Just before Saundra graduated high school, her grandfather told her black people needed education beyond high school to show they were equals in America. Currently, Saundra is pursuing a Master’s of Science in Psychology.
Children begin to exhibit signs of independence when they are between two to three years, and autonomy is an aspect of positive mental health (Cervone & Pervin, 2010, p.174). Children desire more independence when they reach their preadolescent years, and parents who provide decision-making opportunities such as how to spend money and what clothing to wear facilitate a child’s emotional functioning (Qin, Pomerantz, & Wang, 2009).
Early Development Saundra’s mother reports early toilet training initiated by Saundra when she was about two and half. Her mother attributes the desire to observing her old brothers receiving rewards for their success. Saundra’s mother included her with family meal planning by asking her to make weekly menus, taking a pantry inventory, and making the shopping lists for groceries. When she was 10, Saundra was doing her own
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