Personality Characteristics Of Personality Traits

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Personality characteristics
Personality psychologists define personality as the psychological traits that contribute to an individual’s enduring and distinctive patterns of feelings, thinking, and behavior, (Cervone & Pervin, 2013). Now, this statement can denote that personality might be somehow fixed. Perhaps the most obligatory questions to ask in this regards are: is personality inherited or acquired. Can individual’s personality be altered? For decades, these and many other questions have been subjects of much research. This paper aims to briefly present some of my most marked personality characteristics: organized, responsible, anxious, and a go-getter; and how do early development, family and social relationships, and education have contributed to the formation of these traits.

Early development
The most pronounced features of my personality are: organized, responsible, anxiousness and being a go-getter. I attribute it due to inherit traits from my mother. Since I can remember, I have observed that my mother have always kept a well and organized home in all aspects. Also, my mother is a very responsible person in all respects as a citizen. Regarding being a go-getter, I always noticed that my mother has an intrinsic motivation to exceed in everything she pursued. My mother had good cooking abilities (similar to my grandmother), but her lack of formal education did not stop her of taking cooking classes and become a even better and acclaimed cook.…
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