Personality, Cognitive, And Learning Approach Essay

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The concept of personality is extensive and complex, but psychologists have tried to describe the nature of personality using different perspectives. Some of the perspectives are founded on empirical studies while others are based on clinical case studies or theories. Some common aspects of personality include psychodynamic, trait approach, cognitive, genetic, and learning approach. The cognitive approach emphasizes how our behavior is influenced by how we process, mentally represent, and store information. Psychologists who take the cognitive approach suggests that mental processes can help us understand several kinds of social and individual behaviors, from problem solving, to decision making, to intelligence and interpersonal attraction. According to Bernstein, (2011), a cognitive perspective on a person inherently describes meanings that are created by the individual, and these meanings are usually constructed out of cognitions on the environment. Personality psychologists taking a cognitive approach to a person, typically study the processes arising from behaviors and effects.
The psychodynamic perspective to psychology is based on Feud’s theory of psycho-analysis, which assumes that our mental processes and behavior reflect the constant psychodynamic conflicts, which rage within us (Bernstein, 2011, p. 15). This approach comprises of all the concepts in psychology, which consider human functioning based on the interaction of forces and drives within
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