Personality Disorders And Eating Disorders

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There are many different types of disorders. I am personally interested in personality disorders and eating disorders. Now that might sound weird, but what I mean is I find it interesting and want to figure out how it effects people. I want to know how it effects people’s daily life. Now a day’s society glorifies personality disorders such as depression and eating disorders in general. Disorders aren’t something to be glorified they are something that some people struggle with and sometimes can’t live with their disorder or illness. There are many types of disorder, from bipolarity to bulimia to schizophrenia. My family has a background of being bipolar or depressed. Some say depression isn’t a mental disorder but it is a serious illness that doesn’t really have a cure. I guess it’s my family’s background of mental illnesses that makes me so inquisitive of those disorders. I want to know how they work, and how it affects the person’s life. Personality disorders cover a wide range of disorders from narcissistic personality disorder to avoidant personality disorder. There are so many in fact that the guidelines they use to define whether someone has a personality disorder, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders the 5th revision (DSM-5), classifies those personality disorders into three clusters. These clusters are: Cluster A (odd, bizarre, or eccentric disorders), Cluster B (dramatic or erratic) and Cluster C (Anxious and fearful). To be placed in one of…
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