Personality Disorders : The Good Son

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What Emotion Plays a Main Role in Personality Disorders in Children Jealousy is the emotion that plays a main role of personality disorders in children. “Jealousy is an emotion, not a diagnosis, but when an individual experiences extreme jealousy, they may find that the emotion negatively affects their life, possibly even contributing to the development of mental health conditions” (, 2015). The review of literature indicates that jealousy is the underlying emotion of the Cluster B personality disorders.
In the movie, The Good Son, Henry displays jealousy in his actions and allows his younger brother to drown so he could have his rubberduck back. Again he is jealous of his younger sister’s relationship with their cousin so he spins his sister on the thin ice hoping she’ll drown and a second attempt to end her life at the hospital but cannot because his mom walks in. Finally he attempts to kill his cousin as well because Henry is jealous of Mark’s and his mom’s relationship (Ruben, 1993). In all of these situations he shows no remorse he just wants them gone so life can be all about him, these actions formed by jealousy indicates a personality disorder has developed.
What Types of Personality Disorders Does Jealousy Cause in Children?;
How Does Jealousy Develop Personality Disorders in Children?; and
Is There Therapy to Help with Jealousy and Personality Disorders in Children?
What Types of Personality Disorders Does Jealousy Cause in Children?
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