Personality Disorders : What Causes A Personality Disorder?

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Personality disorders is a deeply ingrained pattern of behavior of a specified kind, typically manifest by the time one reaches adolescence and causing long term difficulties in personal relationships or functioning in society. Someone with personality disorder not only effects the person with it but the love ones as well. A question that is always raised while talking about personality disorder is what causes a personality disorder? Some doctors and professor believe that things happen in a person’s early childhood. Then you have the scientist that feel as though it is a genetic thing. Stated in an article by MF Lenzenweger he stated that there is 9.0 to 15.7 percent of the US population has been diagnosed with personality disorder. There are numerous types of personality disorders. The more common three are Cluster a, b, and c. Inside each cluster there are disorders that fall into that category. Some quick prevalence of PPD is that 2.5% of the US have PPD. PPD lands in cluster a. The problem with personality disorders is that it doesn’t always have precise numbers nor can anybody explain how these disorders become upon individuals. Doctors and scientist both have different ways an individual can contract personality disorders. I am interested in this topic because it isn’t known as to where personality disorder comes from and to try to pinpoint it will be challenge.
In an experiment conducted by Tange Y, Jiange W, Liao J, and Wang W consisted of the testing of…
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