Personality, Ethics, And Different Aspects Of The Psychoanalytic Theory

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We have been talking about personality, ethics, and different aspects of the psychoanalytic theory in these past two weeks. There has been more information that I have learned, along with information I was already familiar with, however, it certainly cleared up things that were a little foggy from before. This class is by far the most interesting class that I have taken and it keeps me engaged every day. I am still looking forward to learning everything else that I have yet to learn. First, I want to talk about the aspects of personality that we had covered last week. We were challenged to ask people if they think whether I am an extrovert or an introvert. I asked several people on my team, my family, my friends, and even some people that I barely knew. Most of their responses were that I am an extrovert. One interesting response that I had from someone I barely know was, “Well seeing that you’re reaching out and asking me this tells me that you are extraverted. You are not scared to go out of your comfort zone and I can tell that just by the way you came up to me.” I hadn’t really thought about it like that until she told me that. Personally, I think that I am very extroverted, just like my mother. Another thing that we did that dealt with personality were correlation studies. There were ten different subject that we looked at. Some of them had negative correlations and other contained positive correlations. The second thing that we talked about over these past two weeks
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