Essay about Personality Is Destiny - Hamlet

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Personality is destiny “To be or not to be, that’s the question.” This is one of the world famous quotes from a remarkable literature piece Hamlet by William Shakespeare. How does this story and quote relate on one’s fate? Hamlet, a tragedy hero who revenged himself on his father’s murderer and throughout his vengeance and he reflected one’s weakness and strength humanity. After Hamlet father’s death, the queen married to Claudius who was Hamlet’s uncle and who now became his stepfather also he was the murderer of the king. The king’s ghost appeared to tell the story and how he got poison and killed by Claudius. In order to comfier the truth of Claudius was the murderer of his father, Hamlet decided to revenge and to kill…show more content…
Secondly, it’s shown that Hamlet was very selfish throughout the story. He did not care about other’s opinions and feelings about his action. When he was taking action of revenge, so many innocent people were killed. But he didn’t stop but kept his action. Hamlet was extremely disappointed with his mother because she married so fast after his father’s death and to marry his uncle who was the murderer of his father. He also repudiated Ophelia, a women ounce he calmed to love and Ophelia was genuinely consider about Hamlet and she loved him. But his words kept hurting Ophelia and he kept insulting her. “Get thee to a nunnery. “Why,wouldest thou be a breeder of sinners?”(III, iii,121-122) Although Hamlet knew this was harmful to her but he still did not learn to forgive others. Instead he kept his revenge plan which caused more tragedy. This is another main reason that caused Hamlet’s tragic fate. In additional, Hamlet always hesitated when he wanted to do something, which also caused his tragic fate. If he was determined enough, he should’ve grabbed the best chances to do certain things. For example: in Act 3 Scene 3, “now might I do it pat, now ‘ a is a-praying. And now I’ll do it.” He had an opportunity to kill Claudius when he was doing confession. He should be more determining when he came on his decision. However, Hamlet gave up and just let the chances go when no one was around Claudius. After, there were no more opportunities for Hamlet to revenge
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