Personality Is Developed From Genes ( Nature ) Or Influenced By Environment ( Nurture ) Essay

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This paper explores the notion on whether a person’s personality is developed from genes (nature) or influenced by environment (nurture). Personality is something every human has and is an essential element in their social world. This research is important to know if, how, and why personalities change. Different scholarly-based material was used to support either stance on the issue. The articles and research helped to decipher the roles of parents, genes, biology, the environment, experiences, and culture in a person’s personality. Personality theories were inputted to come to a conclusion on the subject of interest that is derived from actions, emotions, and attitudes. Many contemporary psychologists have distinguished five clusters of personality traits called the Big Five. The results of the research from the paper identify the answer to the question about personality. The conclusion recognized that everybody has a different personality developed by different components that includes both inherited traits and learned traits. Plus, how those traits modify personalities. The Origin of Personality: Nature or Nurture?
Personality is debated over what factors influence and shape it the most. Is it a person’s nature including genes and temperament or nurture with the environment and culture? Do they both have an effect in the development of a personality? The main purpose of this research paper will address these questions and examine how these factors impact personalities.
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