Personality Is The Set Of Emotional Qualities

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Personality is the set of emotional qualities, ways of behaving, etc., that makes a person different from the next. There are theories and assessments that can be looked upon to assess personality traits of people. Some of which include The Big-Five Horney’s Neurotic Trends, Jungian Psychological Types, and The Dark Triad, and all of which are used to describe the way a person is. The purpose of this paper was for me to be able to interpret results from all of these assessments, and to be able to judge the results based on my life experiences. The first assessment I took was the Five-Factor Trait Model (Saucier,1994), which argues that a persons personality can be reduced down to five traits: extraversion, agreeableness,…show more content…
The moving toward people trend originates from feelings of helplessness, which means they are subordinate to others and look for approval from others. The moving against people trend originates form hostility towards others, which means they do not trust others and rarely admit their mistakes. The moving away from people trend originates from feelings of isolation and these people fear depending on others, but are shy and kind. My results from Horney’s Neurotic Trends (Coolidge, 2005) show that I scored in the middle, which means my trends are balanced. The moving towards people score was 34, which is on the low end of the scale and I believe it is accurate. The moving against people score was also on the low end with a 47, which I also believe is accurate. The moving away from people score was a little bit higher than the others at a score of 49. My results are pretty accurate because I do care about what my immediate family thinks about my decisions over my own thoughts. I rarely trust people, so my score of moving against people is very accurate because I am perceived as heartless and mean by others. The moving away from people score was so high because when my dad passed away when I was in the 8th grade and my mom being diagnosed with Lupus, I sort of distant myself from depending on others out of fear of having to feel the same feelings I did when he
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