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Coco Chanel, as known as Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, came to my mind when I was asked to pick a famous personality for the assignment because as a fashion and makeup enthusiast myself, her creations and creations of her company have always amazed me and it sparks interest for me to complete this assignment by getting to do more research and analyse about her personality.

The personality model that I am using for this assignment is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) which is widely used across the globe. MBTI is a personality test that contains four different characteristics and classifies people into one of sixteen personality types. Robbins & Judge (2017) states that the four pairs of classifications for MBTI are- extraverted or introverted
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She had the ability to analyse who she should be with to gain financial support for her business, who to work with to produce and launch her perfume, and she was being objective by only focusing on the business and how to make the business better rather than worrying about other issues related to her affairs with men which is different from the feeling types where they exercise more on the ability of weighing relative values and merits and care more about how others…show more content…
The successes are such as the opening of the first shop she had in Rue Cambon and it was due to her determination in creating hats. The critical thinking that Chanel had led her to have the idea to add in clothing lines into her shop to expand her range of business. Her genuine thoughts were shown in the jersey dress that amazed a lot of people who asked her where she got it and she has a great drive in doing what she loves as she made one jersey dress for those who asked her. Besides that, the thinking element that Chanel possessed was one of the key to her successes as she did not bother about the opinions of others in general regarding all the affairs that she had with different men and brought in connections that she thinks would make her business work instead of worrying what others think about

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