Personality Of Romeo In William Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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If you know a person's feelings you can tell their personality. In William Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet is about two teenagers, Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet whose family are rivals. It takes place in Verona, Italy during the renaissance era. Romeo is a 15 year old boy who falls in love so easily and juliet is a 13 year old girl who falls for him.
Romeo’s extreme sadness demonstrates his dramatic personality in the play. Romeo is constantly sad and depressed. His dad notices it and has a friend talk to him. Romeo says “ i dont have the thing that makes time fly”. He feels like time is going by slow because the girl he loves doesn't love him back. This shows how romeo is depressed and how he's over dramatic about his feelings. Romeo says “my sadness sits heavy in my chest “ (180). Romeo is saying that even his body feels his pain. This shows how romeo is so dramatic.
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Romeo overhears juliet talking about him saying how much she loves him. Romeo of course couldn't stay silent anymore and he said, “call me but love, and i'll be new baptized henceforth i will never be Romeo!” (II.ii.50-51). Romeo's love is so intense that he is willing to change his name just for a girl he's known for a couple of hours. Romeo is so in love he will do anything for they could be together. In addition to romeo's crazy love for juliet, while on juliet's balcony juliet tries to tell romeo is my family sees you, they'll kill you. Romeo says “ my life were better ended by their hate thom death prorogued wanting, of thy love! “ (II.ii.77-78). Romeo is saying that he rather die then not be able to be with juliet. This shows how dramatic his personality
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