Personality : Personality And Personality Essay

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The subject of personality is one that is extremely complex and dynamic. Personality has been defined as the ingrained pattern of behavior, thoughts, and feelings consistent across situations and time. It consists of a mixture of characteristics and qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character. The configuration of an individual’s personality is quite unique because trying to uncover what prompts us or inspires us to accumulate the different behaviors and thought processes has yet to be discovered over the past centuries of time. Personality is something an individual can examine in another and determine if they have any similar qualities or traits in common and from there conclusions can be drawn that exhibits compatibility or incompatibility to the given circumstance, situation, or person. Nevertheless, the question that still remains is what determines a personality and enables an individual to have the character and qualities that they may have? Many theories of personality have been formulated in an attempt to give a valid, reliable, and thorough explanation concerning the influences on a personality and the variety of personalities that are known. All of these theories that will be mentioned all hold pertinent information worth stating and hold interesting views and approaches, however, some may be out-dated, yet useful and others may have been accepted and later rejected due to new discoveries. Among all the theories regarding personality, four
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