Personality Predictors Of Successful Development : Toddler Temperament And Adolescent Personality Traits

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1a) In the research article “Personality Predictors of Successful Development: Toddler Temperament and Adolescent Personality Traits Predict Well-being and Career Stability in Middle Adulthood” by Marek Blatný, Katarína Millová, Martin Jelínek, Terezie Osecká. The problem that these researchers identified was the relationship between personality and psychological functioning and well-being, or the relations between personality and social functioning. The authors conducted this study mainly to determine whether ones’ personality affects his/her satisfaction with their quality of life in adulthood. They believe that personality traits play a major role in who/what you become in the future and they wanted to see if they could predict it. If yes, they wanted to know how early? – As early as childhood, adolescence or early adulthood. 2b) The authors provided the reader a lot of information on the topic. Each topic was very well explored. A lot of different information on different but similar studies. The authors seemed very knowledgeable on the topic. This article lacked a few things. A clear research question and a hypothesis. The paragraphs were not clear and consist, I felt that I had to dig to get certain information. The paper was very wordy, which made me have a hard time understanding the substance. 1c) They had so many different relations that were being tested, they did not really emphasize on one question. The two questions they seemed to be more focused on
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