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Mike Sutherland 12/5/2014 Personality Profile Lamont Thomas: The Running Man Lamont Thomas had only been running for a couple of weeks when people started calling him “The Running Man”. He runs every day logging 84 miles a week, which is a lot, but when considering dedicated daily runners this is nothing exceptional. When he runs, Lamont attracts a lot of attention. His friends joke this because “He’s running so fast it looks like he stole something.” But it isn’t Lamont’s speed that sets him apart from the other runners around town. Rather it’s his truly inspirational spirit, positive attitude for life, and taking on any challenges it might throw at you. A positive mental outlook on life is what keeps Lamont going every day. A trait…show more content…
When he was ten, he had metal rods put in his legs and spent the next year and a half in a body cast. Eventually Lamont could go back to school but relied on a walker and as if being constrained to a walker wasn’t bad enough, he faced adversity in the form of being bullied by his fellow classmates. “They called me names like ‘legs’ or ‘cripple’. All these names got me so mad that I said something to them and it must have offended them really bad to the point they took my walker and pushed me down the stairs.” It was at this time Lamont decided it was time for the walker to go, but the doctors didn’t agree with him. “The doctors I went to told me I would never walk again and I would have the brain mentality of a third grader for the rest of my life. They told me all this stuff that isn’t true.” It was in this moment Lamont had made up his mind. He said “I didn’t care what the doctors had to say anymore. These legs weren’t going to get any better if I kept walking with this walker. You don’t think I can walk, well let’s see. You can get mad and pout and be upset. Sitting in your room curled in a little ball and be that person the doctors said you were going to be or you can be so much greater, to the point where what they have to say doesn’t matter. It doesn’t even collide with what you want or what you’re becoming. Instead of me becoming this mad angry upset person doing nothing about it, show them.” In recounting his childhood Lamont’s motivational pull in life

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