Personality Psychologist Samuel D. Gosling

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It is widely believed that one’s personal space speaks volume about his/her personality. Personality psychologist Samuel D. Gosling set out to test the credibility of such belief in a study conducted in 2002. To the public’s surprise, Gosling’s study suggested that an individual’s personality is not accurately reflected through his/her room. I conducted a smaller scale observation myself to verify his result.
For the purpose of this paper, I will address the individual whose room I observed as Rachel. Rachel and I live on the same floor in a freshman dorm. We do not interact frequently; however, I occasionally meet her during our floor meeting. Through previous interaction and the small talk I had with her while observing her room, I observed that she was an outgoing person, not shy to make new friends. She was willing to offer help with this assignment and showed great enthusiasm about it. From the first few impressions, I observed that she could possess high extraversion and high agreeableness.
The first thing I noticed when I walked into her room was that it was organized. The room seemed clean. Most of her stuff were kept in containers; her clothes were neatly hung on hangers in her closet. One other noticeable feature was that she prepared many things to make the room as convenient and ‘homely’ as possible. She had a refrigerator, a coffee maker, a fan, shoe organizer, etc. The room seemed to be very equipped and convenient. Her decorations were simple, yet…
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