Personality Psychology : Myer Bringgs Personality

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I have recently became interested in personality psychology which states that we all have permanente and defined traits. Our personality “type” is also classified and determined and associated with certain personality traits. Upon exploring Myer Bringgs personality information, I find it interesting to realize that everyone can be classified into sixteen categories. As you explore this information, you find that you can ‘fit’ into a few different ‘types’, but you fit best into one specifically. A personality type also tells you a lot about what type of person you are, what careers you might be interested in, and what you will more than likely in certain future situations (such as relationships with your spouse and child). Knowing about…show more content…
Even adults and the elderly are continuing to change. I find it intriguing to learn that we are all different, but there are somethings that are the same in everyone as they age. We become interested in similar things and we lose interests in many of the same things. I think that looking at the similarities and differences of peoples and their interests help prove the fact that everyone is different, but it also helps to establish unity between certain people, groups, and all of humanity. 2. The four main ideas discussed in the textbook and this course is critical thinking, the two-track mind, exploring human strength (exploring the positives of human nature) and biopsychosocial (sometimes referred to the biopsychosocial spiritual approach). When someone thinks critically, they ask “why” and “how” questions. This approach is useful in the attempt to avoid bias and base conclusions off of false or unproven statements. If I were to tell you that it is the man’s sperm that determines the gender of the child, you should think critically and ask “Why is this the case?”, “What evidence do you have to support this claim?” and “Has this statement been proven?” Thinking critically enhances your knowledge and verifies that the information you have been given is correct. The double-mind aspect of psychology is the fact that we are acting on our subconscious more than we are acting on our own will. Although you may feel like you are in control of your actions, most of you
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