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Personality Reflection Katie Smit PSY/250 August 20,2011 Dianne Hinz Personality Reflection Every individual has a different idea and thought about self and how self makes up their entire being. Self is made of the human’s own biology his or her cognitive process and perception of oneself compared to others. This paper is going to look at the concept of self and how this relates to real-life; situations affect a person’s self-efficacy and esteem. Personalities are made up of the characteristic patterns of thoughts, feeling, and behavior that make a person unique. With this almost every day describe and assess the personalities of people that are around us. Whether we realize it or not, these daily musings on how and why people…show more content…
Castle is referring the axes of the Meyers Briggs Type Inventory, which is a common personality test. It rates the degree to which you are Extraverted vs. Intraverted, Sensing vs. Intuition, Feeling vs. Thinking, Judging vs. Perceiving (which means preferring closure, or keeping your options open) (Free On-line Meyers Briggs Personality Tests, 2008). Personality consists of “traits,” which are individual differences that are stable over time. That is, they do not change day-to-day, or change much over the course of your lifestyle. The most common personality theory that is used is commonly called the Big Five, Which used to acronym OCEAN to remember the five factors. These five factors are: Openness to Experience: degree to which you are interested in new things, learning, ect., Conscientiousness: degree to which you are reliable, follow through on things, Extraversion: degree to which you are outgoing and sociable, Agreeableness: degree to which you are nice, cooperative, trusting, Neuroticism: also known as emotional stability. Degree to which you experience negative emotions. There are other traits related to personality including self-esteem, intelligence, and achievement motivation. Are my personality features consistent or do they change according to my situations. I would have to say that my personality are different compared to others personalities but no one has the same personalities. Depending on the day that I am having a while consistent mood

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