Personality Tags for Birth Order

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Is there a “personality tag” for each child, depending on their birth order? Does the family size, or even the parents’ life styles, affect anything? Birth order is more than just an old wives’ tale about predicting the personalities of each child in every family. “Birth order, put in its proper context, is a key that can unlock personalities and give you a new perspective on human nature.” (First- born?,1). Every child of every family has a personality tag, just because of their spot on the immediate family tree. Family size and birth order are factors that make the “personality tag” for the first born, middle child, last born, and only child of each family. Family size affects every child’s personality. Birth order and family size are linked together. For example, if there are two children in a family, there is a 50% chance of being the first born. Families with five children give each child a 20% chance of being the first born child. Every child has a chance at being the first born, but the larger the family, the lower the chance. Speaking of lower chances, there are fewer resources as well. If a family has many children, parental resources are spread thinly; for example, money, time, and attention. Ethnicity, wealth, education, and other social factors of parents also affect the family size. But, parents that are better educated, comfortable, and wealthier, usually have fewer children, so does this mean these children have more resources? The answer is yes. These
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