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Taking a personality test is always interesting, you never know what information you could get about yourself. The personality test I had taken described myself as an adventurer. I didn’t really think of myself as an adventurer, but once I read the description of the results it changed my mind. According to the test results, some of my traits are artistic, unpredictable, and sensitive. The test I had taken was a Jungian personality view, so the letters I was given were ISFP. This test was reliable, because it gave me a consistent score. I believe the test is reliable, because I had taken the test five times in a row and received the same answer. It's fascinating to know different aspects about yourself. Traits could come from, anywhere…show more content…
This personality test came out to be valid, measures what is says it measures, because it describes a lot about my personality. According to the test my percentage for introvert ranged from 83%-94%, meaning I don’t really socialize or get out much. A few years ago, there was a vehicle accident in front of our house. I used to live in front of the highway so we've seen many accidents, especially during the winter, but this time was worse than all of the others. It was around 1 a.m. when I heard a lot of banging coming from outside. I already knew it was an accident, so I hurried and put my shoes on then ran outside. My mother and brothers were already outside looking towards the accident. Once I seen it I ran towards the vehicle and helped those that I could. There was a man in the back seat that was already in heaven, bless his soul, but a lady kept doing CPR while he was sitting up. Another gentleman was on the floor in critical condition so I did everything that I could to keep him still and comfortable until the paramedics arrived. It was a crazy experience because that what my first time seeing a person die covered in blood. I just reacted without thinking, a big rush of adrenaline took over, and pushed my emotions back. Having this experience is what made up my mind about becoming a nurse. Helping people in need is something I focus on to get through and not give up. Which is why I think the test is valid, no one thought I would be the one to run towards the

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