Personality Tests Are An Appropriate Measure Of A Candidate 's Potential For Success

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Do you believe personality tests are an appropriate measure of a candidate 's potential for success in a position? Why or why not? How would you advise your friend? Should she misrepresent herself on a personality test to get the job? Why or why not? What are the potential long-term consequences to the employee and the employer if an applicant misrepresents his or her true personality?

While many different business use some form of assessments before considering a potential employee for employment, are they really necessary; and if so why? Also, what consequences could one face if they refused to take these test, and how would it affect the business; would it be a positive or negative effect? As we’re all aware when applying for that perfect dream job we know that most business require some form of an assessment, or personality test to see what the future hold for their business; before making a final determination on their selected candidates to fill their open positions. However, some of the test they require to some people may be just invasion of the constitutional rights, or even possibly determined to be a form of discrimination; because the test may prevent some people from landing that job that they are most qualified for from the start. However, it’s a way for companies to weed out those employees that may turn out to be a mismatch to what the company’s qualifications, and skills requirement are to move their business in the direction of success. This is why so
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