Personality Theories And Internet Testing

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Personality Theories Why has personality theories and internet testing created so much interest in the hiring process? Can you judge a person 's ability to perform the work just by giving them a personality assessment? Not always, but in the process of hiring many organizations can rely on personality theories and testing, which helps the process of pre-selection. Personality theories help measure, cognitive ability, knowledge, and personality of potential candidates. Employers today use pre–assessment as part of the selection process for multiple reasons. Personality theories and Internet testing is saves them time, money and filter the candidates in the pre-employment using personality traits. Personality theories and Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) are both effective methods. With the over-flowing job applications, personality theories and CAT helps reducing the overall time of the hiring process. Time is a very important factor for any company. Personality theories and computer adaptive testing are meaningful in the process of hiring because it saves time, saves money and is meaningful if it is evaluated for reliability, validity and acceptability. Many tests are written specifically for business settings and are likely to be deemed acceptable by job applicants. Most scholars now agree that personality is determined by a combination of both genetics and environment, and that neither is solely responsible for personality. Computer adaptive testing (CAT) is a major

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