Personality Theories to Which I Can Relate

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I learned many things about my personality after we discussed Theories of Personality in PY101.1 We already discussed some of the theories in General Psychology but honesty, I did not fully understand some of the things that we discussed.
What is personality? Do all of us have the same basis of our personality? Before we discussed the Theories of Personality in this subject, I thought that there was only one basis of our personality and the only difference was by what traits we can adapt and what traits we can’t adapt. But it doesn’t go that way, I learned that there were many theories that psychologist discovered. And sometimes, even if they had same topics, they differ on what they believed.
I remember one time my classmate asked our professor who we are supposed to believe and our professor said that it depends on us. I agree on him and I will believe theories that I can relate to because for me, it’s easier to believe on a thing if I experienced it already or if I can relate to that thing.
I don’t believe constantly on one theory only because not all of the things related in the theory was appropriate to myself. My personality is composed of many different theories from different psychologists.
The theories that I can relate to and best apply to my life are Psychodynamic Theory of Sigmund Freud, Analytical Psychology of Carl Jung, Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler, Feminist Psychology of Karen Horney, Life-Span Approach of Erik Erikson, and Operant Conditioning of B.
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