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Personality Theories Personality Theories: Of the many varieties of personality theory on offer, do you think any offer distinct advantages over the others, and if so, why? The personality of the man has been under study since the existence of man himself. It has been hard to understand the human personality due to the fact that one man is different from another. There are different aspects of life that have made the study of the human personality to be a challenge. Such factors include culture, economic status, and the environment amongst numerous other factors. These challenges have been the main reason that scholars over the years have studied human personality and came up with different theories that tried to define the man and his personality. Some of these theories were criticized, and others were rendered ineffective or lacked enough rationale for personality. (Bender, 2007) The purpose of this paper is to provide an in depth analysis of the personality theories. In addition, the paper will look at the different advantages that one personality theory has over others by looking at their strengths and weaknesses. However, before discussing the personality theories, it is vital to define the different terms. (Ellis, Abrams and Abrams, 2009) Personality has been a term that has been hard to define differently depending on the culture or the background of the scholar. Generally, personality has always been referred to as the public image of an individual. The term
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