Personality Trait and Workplace Culture

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Personality Traits and Workplace Culture:
Online tests measure the fit between person and organization
Mark Mallinger, Ph.D. and Ileana Rizescu Application: Determine how compatible you are with your primary work group. |
Have you ever stopped in the middle of a work frenzy and asked yourself, "Why do I continue to work for this organization?" When you try to promote your ideas, do most of your peers frequently react with indifference? If so, it may be time to evaluate the relationship between you and your company. This article will help you explore one dimension of this complex relationship: the cultural match factor, or "How compatible is your personality with the organizational culture of the company for which you work?" Even more
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Some traits, such as immoderation or artistic interests, were deemed not relevant for defining a match with the cultural dimensions listed above Consequently, we only will describe, briefly, those traits that are used in linking personality and organization culture. Extraversion * Friendliness: The ability to quickly establish relationships with other people. * Gregariousness: The level of social engagement. High scorers enjoy the company of others and tend to be comfortable in groups. Low scorers have a greater need for privacy and tend to avoid large groups of people. * Activity Level: Active individuals get involved in many activities, leading fast-paced lives. People with a low activity level enjoy a more leisurely, slower-paced life. Agreeableness * Trust - the capacity to rely on someone else's integrity, ability or character. * Altruism - the need to help others, viewed as a form of self-fulfillment. * Cooperation - the ability to lower the priority of personal needs in order to get along with others. Conscientiousness * Self-Efficacy - the confidence in one's ability to accomplish goals. * Achievement - Striving. High scorers have a strong achievement drive and wish to be perceived as successful. Low scorers don't value social recognition as much and are satisfied performing at a level with which they are comfortable. * Cautiousness - the disposition to analyze all
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