Personality Traits Of Alex Sander And Ludo Sanchez

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I. Overview: This report compares the personalities of Alex Sander and Ludo Sanchez using the Big Five model of personality. Big Five model is a highly regarded model for personality evaluation based on the five personality traits. Each of these personality traits is exhibited to a certain extent by everyone. These personality traits and their significance with the high and low score are shown in the table below: No. Personality Traits High Score People Low Score People 1. Agreeableness Friendly, Compassionate, Cooperative Argumentative, Suspicious 2. Conscientiousness Efficient, Organized, Self-disciplined Careless, Unreliable 3. Neuroticism Sensitive, Nervous, Stressed Secure, Confident, Calm 4. Extraversion Outgoing, Energetic,…show more content…
ii. Alex always plans way ahead, whereas Ludo’s behavior like reminding his daughter over the phone to do the homework is a sign of impulse. iii. Alex always targets a high level of success and be at Leadership position through purposeful planning and persistence. However, Ludo has no such goals of getting promotions. 3. Neuroticism: Alex and Ludo both shares some degree of neuroticism since they had shown reactions during the critical situation. However, Alex gets a high score on neuroticism, whereas Ludo gets a low score due to the following factors: i. Alex had been consistently reacting while dealing with different operational situations, whereas Ludo knows how to control his emotions (Example: By remembering the 2001 attacks). ii. Alex loses his temper quite often and deals with anxiety. Whereas, in the worst situation like Airline’s closure Ludo had calmly launched the standard security procedures and sealing the terminal. 4. Extraversion: Alex consistently shares his feelings with the Neighbor. Moreover, one of his colleagues had also given the feedback that Alex is more relaxed socially. Hence, Alex would get a moderate score on Extraversion as he exhibits the social behavior conditionally. On the other hand, Ludo gets a high score on Extraversion based on the following facts: i. Ludo genuinely likes other people and always demonstrate his positive feelings for others. Whereas, Alex’s liking towards people is reserved for selected

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