Personality Traits Of Personality Tests

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My whole life I have been intrigued by personality tests. I love seeing the results I get, even if the test is about what type of pizza I am. However, the more tests I took, the easier it was to find the patterns within the tests. I realized that most of the answers that are supposedly “tailored to me” are just general personality traits that could apply to the majority of the population. The Strengths Quest quiz was not one of these tests. Although I found a few similar questions, the quiz is so detailed that it is easy to tell how unique each person’s results will be. This quiz showed me parts of my personality that I had never realized existed. When I first saw my results, I was quite shocked. My top five traits were Maximizer, Individualization, Empathy, Analytical, and Belief. Maximizer and Empathy did not seem like traits I had, but after reading the descriptions I see that they are fitting. Maximizer is the strength of pursuing excellence, which is very true for me. I like to do things I am good at, and avoid doing the activities where I do not excel. I cling to others that enjoy what I do, whether that be school work, painting, baking, or simply listening. However, I tend to dwell on the fact that I cannot do everything well. I see others that can do certain things I cannot, and it makes me feel inadequate. But this quiz has shown me my fault, and now I can take those doubtful thoughts and make them about how each person has their own unique strengths. Empathy,

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