Personality Traits Of Team Sports

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The aim of this investigation was to test if there is a connection between particular personality traits and any differences in the personality traits of individuals who play team sports and individuals who play individual sports, such as strong agreeableness and extraversion seen in team sports played. The hypothesis for this investigation is that students who participate in team sports will on average have higher scores in the continuum for each stage of the Big Five theory than students who play individual sports. The investigation involved a questionnaire on 23 year twelve psychology students who will be given 10 questions ranging from 1 to 5 in terms of their continuum with pairs of two questions on each stage of OCEAN such as for openness to experience one of the questions has a continuum from unimaginative to imaginative which the participant will rate themselves on. The questionnaire is self-evaluated therefore the participant would answer based on their perception of themselves. The results of each individual’s answers will be kept anonymous to provide students with their anonymity and to avoid any issues that may have arisen that would hinder the investigation and affect the individuals. The results of the research have displayed the higher scores in traits are often apparent in people who play team sports whereas lower scores are more prominent in participants who are involved in individual sports. These results have drawn to the conclusion that those who have
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