Personality Traits : Steve Raucci 's Personality

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Personality consists of a pattern of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that characterize a person. External personality traits are seen as observable behaviors, while internal states are thoughts and value also inferred from behaviors. Steve Raucci’s personality was portrayed to his coworkers through his vicious actions and intimidating behaviors. He managed to instill fear into everyone who worked below to the extent where was referred to as a god, king or the godfather. Many below him were humiliated, harassed and feared their safety, however it took several years to stop him because of his neuroticism, extraversion and conscientiousness personality. Steve’s thoughts and emotions created a justification in his mind for his violent and harassing behaviors. According to his tapes, he sees himself on the good side, doing bad only to bullies and people who deserve it. He sees himself as loyal and caring. He believes that he has an agreeable and openness to experience personality when in reality and based on his external personality traits, he is the exact opposite. His behaviors caused harassment to many, created a sense of tension within the workplace and created separation between the workers. His neuroticism, extroversive and conscientiousness personality relates directly with his intentionally violent behaviors. His conscientiousness and extroversive personality gained him success and caused his progression within the work system. He began his career as a laborer in 1973

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