Personality Traits : Traits, And Personal Aspects That Are Unique

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Jake Hourihan Ms. Speirs ENG 3U4 Wednesday February 4th 2015 Personality Traits Individuals in this world develop with a diverse set of traits, and personal aspects that are unique to themselves. That being said, some traits are more noticeable during the first interaction between you and the person. The purpose of this paper is to describe what I feel my three most prominent traits are. To be brief, I am eclectic in everything I do and I feel that I have a very diverse set of traits, being so, there are traits that stand out more than others. My first and foremost prominent trait is my attitude towards others, I feel that I am a kind person and carry myself as such when I am around others. Secondly, I am intelligible most of the time whether it is in or out of school and have an aptitude for solving problems. Lastly, my third most prominent trait is my athleticism, I enjoy keeping active whenever I get an opportunity. Analyzing the following examples and reasons stated in my paper will prove that my kindness, intelligence, and athleticism are my three most prominent traits. My first most prominent trait like previously stated is my kindness. I enjoy being able to help others and make others’ lives easier along with having the chance to brighten their day. An example of this is my neighbors. I live next to an elderly couple and it being winter in Canada they sometimes may find it hard to make it outside with the snow being a foot deep and all. So I make sure that when
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