Essay on Personality Types

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Our mind works like a computer and our way of thinking acts as its inputs. Our thoughts keep on gathering into it and slowly, they entrench deep down in solid states. We can divide personality in two halves. First is that, which the psychologists term as ‘T- Personality'. This is a toxic personality. Second is that, that the psychologists call N-Personality and this is energetic.

<h2>The poisonous T-Personality</h2>
This type of N- personality always keeps a negative mindset about everything. The attitude of poisonous personality always tends veering round pessimism and dispirited. Being a perfectionist is an example of a toxic persona. You cannot say that this perfectionism is something wrong, but it's one and only aim is to find
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This is a very sick approach. They would urge others to become like Jesus without having not even an iota of interest in Him. This is a wherewithal in their hands only to criticize you. You become victim of such persons because you cannot become Jesus. The will keep disparaging you. They decide the paradigms for scales of fame, policies and ethics becoming a judge. They try to be the contractors of society. They have a big role in making world toxic.

These personalities roam everywhere. They could be anything- Teachers, Professors, Vice Chancellors, Saints, Bishops and Pope. They want to become this so that they could condemn. They are ready to sacrifice everything provided the get the pleasure of denouncing others. Such types become overpowering very soon. Their outlook is their greatest weapon because they cold become detractors. Being logical too, is a part of a poisonous personality. They are extremely rational. It is very difficult to defeat them in debates, but they can never be sound with rhyme and reason. It is essential to know the difference between a reasonable man and a logical man. A reasonable man is never just logical, because he knows from his experiences that relevance and irrelevance are both two sides of life. There are logic and emotions, both in mind and heart.

<h2>The invigorating N-Personality</h2>
Another type of persona is N-Personality, a fortifying personality, which is quite different. They are not idyllic
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