Personality Typing

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Personality typing has been shown to have a variety of potential applications within the professional world, including the field of dietetics. The preferences a person has within their personality type can largely influence their decision making process. Often, the most dominant preferences will have the most input, which may hinder individuals from making the best decision for the problem at hand and can lead to unhealthful habits. This is how personality types may be beneficial when providing nutritional counseling. By recognizing that each person may approach a situation differently based on their personality type, dietitians can develop interventions that help clients achieve the most success. Personality types may also play a role in influencing…show more content…
Furthermore, it does not appear that many INTJ types are attracted to this field. Despite this, there are some skills associated with my personality type that would benefit me in the field of food and nutrition care. For instance, NT types tend to use abilities in theoretical and technical developing, including research, forecasts and analysis, and management. This would likely indicate that I would do well in areas of foodservice where abilities in management and forecasting are needed for success. In this regard, I would likely have strong leadership skills that are business-oriented. However, it is possible that my communication skills might not be as proficient as NF and SF types, which are appear to be more people-oriented. While I might be able to communicate numbers well, it would probably benefit me to work on communicating with people to enhance my skills in counseling and teaching. As such, I may find these situations involving education somewhat challenging. My preference for introversion is likely to have an influence on this as well as educational dietitians tend to be extraverted. In other areas of dietetics, the research seems to indicate that I might do well as a clinical dietitian as most were noted to be introverted and judging. I would also probably do fairly well in administrative dietetics due to my
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