Personality and Development

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Personality and development At the age of six I had a lot of problems with both my parents and teachers. Earlier on I had intimated to my father my desire to one day pursue a career in professional football. Despite the fact that he never expressed open opposition to this, it appears to me that he intimated this issue to my mom who had reservations against this. My mom impressed on me the need for pursuing a career in medical profession in future. I was, however, adamant, to buy this. My mother reported this to my teachers who talked me against pursuing a career in professional football in future. Because of the pressure that was exerted on me, I relented. The memory of the event that happened when I was six years may be completely true because at that stage in life a child is expected to have begun to understand information entering its sense. Besides, they have the ability to interact with the world. He can manipulate objects and understand the permanency of these objects even if they are not within his/her current sensory perception. When these objects are removed from his or her view s/he can understand that the object still exists. A child at this stage has the ability to understand that an object continues to exist hence, with regard to his/her mom, an increased sense of safety and security (Erikson, 1968). At this age a child is also expected to have developed a capacity to interact with the environment in a more complex manner through the words and images.
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