Personality and Emotions Exam

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Personality and Emotions Which of the following are classifications on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator? Chapter 4 Personality and Emotions MULTIPLE CHOICE Personality 1. Personality is: a. always stable. b. a part of a person. c. an aggregate whole. d. comprised of traits that cannot be measured. (c; Easy; p. 93) 2. An individual’s personality is determined by: a. heredity. b. environment. c. situational factors. d. all of the above (d; Easy; p. 94) 3. Which of the following is a personality determinant? a. heredity b. environment c. both a and b d. neither a nor b (c; Easy; pp. 94-95) 4. Which of the following personality shaping forces is not…show more content…
quit their jobs more often than those with an external locus of control. b. quit their jobs less often than those with an external locus of control. c. perform better on their jobs. d. start their own businesses. (c; Moderate; p. 98) 20. A person who believes that ends can justify means can be said to have the characteristic of: a. authoritarianism. b. Machiavellianism. c. external locus of control. d. risk-taking. (b; Easy; p. 99) 21. An individual high in Machiavellianism is best described as: a. maintaining emotional distance, being highly authoritative, believing in swift discipline. b. being impulsive, emotionally involved, and having strong ethical beliefs. c. being pragmatic, maintaining emotional distance, and believing ends can justify means. d. tending to make a poor manager. (c; Moderate; p. 99) 22. High Machs: a. manipulate more. b. are persuaded less. c. win more. d. all of the above (d; Moderate; p. 99) 23. _____ is the degree to which people like or dislike themselves. a. Self-esteem b. Authoritarianism c. Locus of control d. Machiavellianism (a; Moderate; p. 100) 24. People high in the trait self-esteem: a. are less likely to take unpopular stands than low SEs. b. tend to be more satisfied with their jobs than low SEs. c. tend to be less satisfied with their jobs than low SEs. d. tend to be more concerned with
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