Essay on Personality and the ESL Student

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How can an extroverted or introverted personality in ELL and ESL students affect behavior, learning process and classroom environment? Extroversion versus Introversion the terms originated from psychologist Carl Jung's theory of personality. Jung saw the extrovert as directed toward the outside world and the introvert as directed toward the self or inside world. That is why, theoretically, introvert students are less involved in the classroom and extrovert students are more active. As I observed a classroom where the student population consists of 90% Latino and 70% are ELL or ESL students, I noticed how students’ personality and behavior could make a significant impact in a classroom. To understand more about the students’ conditions is…show more content…
In a classroom where students are struggling to acquire or dominate a second language, it highly interesting to observe how their personality can make a difference in the way they can perform in the classroom. On my third day observing, a question aroused; theoretically who learns more an introvert or extrovert student? In a classroom of 20 students I identified 14 of the students fall into the category of ESL or ELL. During my observation I identified the students by the speech (pronunciation or deficiency of English vocabulary), and I noticed the teacher had also made several cluster depending on their English fluency. I observed that among the 14 ELL and ESL students 5 of the students I classified as introverted students: like to be alone, like to be silence, and never participated. While the other 9 students were obviously extroverted students: most of them like to work in-group, are more social, participate, and like attention. The International Journal of Science Education presented the observation of twins who had the same background, same parents and same experiences. The article ‘Self-perception, individual learning style and academic achievement by a pair of bilingual twins in a secondary school clearly call my attention as I finished the journal it was clear to me that the twins were very similar but their personality differ, after two years of observation, the research concluded that the twins have

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