Personification, By Rainsford And Rainsford

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Personification is necessary to the story because it allows the reader to get a better understanding of the characters. From this conversation with Whitney and Rainsford, we receive more information about Rainsford and his ideas about life and hunting. Rainsford shows apathy towards his game and believes the creatures he hunts have no feelings. “Rainsford presumes that hunting is a sport involving no more moral consequences than a game such as baseball; he further demonstrates his naivete by assuming that his victims, big-game animals, have no feelings” (Dunleavy 1). Later these ideas Rainsford has about hunting game and their ability to emote is compared to General Zaroff and his ideas about hunting humans. While Rainsford displays indifference towards his animal hunting game and how they feel, General Zaroff has a similar belief with his hunting of humans. General Zaroff has become bored with hunting animals, “ ‘ Simply this: hunting had ceased to be what you call a sporting proposition. It had become too easy.’ ” (Connell 6). However, his solution to his boredom is sinister, instead of hunting animals he hunts humans due to their ability to reason rather than use instinct. Much like Rainsford, General Zaroff had no feelings of pity or resentment for hunting his game. Not only does he get enjoyment out of hunting game which has more cognitive complexity than an animal, he also seems to see it as his right to rid the Earth of those subordinate. “Life is for the strong, to

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