Personification In The Poem Frost At Midnight

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The poem “Frost at Midnight” written by Samuel Taylor Coleridge in 1798 talks about experience and love of nature. The speaker of this poem is Coleridge who uses simile and personification to emphasize on his personal life. He also lay more emphasis on how adulthood and childhood interwove through memory. In the first stanza , the speaker of this poem states that nature plays a very significant role in mankind because it connects humanity and spirituality through dream which goes with imagination .The speaker meditates smoothly and quietly in solitude with a reflective tone about his experiences and , the challenges in which he went through before becoming an adult as the “Frost performs its secrete ministry, unhelped by any wind” of( lines 1-2),he uses personification to attribute the quietness and loneliness of the speaker to the frost. What is “Ministry”? Ministry is a term used for church and other related matters of religion. The author is trying to bring himself close to God and the “secrete” is an encounter with the magic world. He also argues that as he contemplates, a sound occurs “The owlets cry came loud -- and hark again” (lines 2-3). He brings in repetition for the sound that echoes which draws his attention outside but beside him is his infant son sleeping quietly that brings his thought back. The speaker now realizes that there is some one with him “My cradled slumbers peacefully” of (line7), describing the state of

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