Personification in My Trip to Paris

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"Bonjour, madame! How can I serve you on this fine afternoon? We have ice water, lemon tea, hot and ice coffee, really anything. I just described a couple drinks I thought you'd be in the mood for. Is there a certain something you've have in mind?" the waiter said, trying to be calm. "No, I'm not that thirsty." "How about a snack, something to munch on?" "I don't know, I'm fine for now." "You're fine? Usually tourists come to Paris to enjoy a little bit of everything, the scenery, the weather, the delicious food. Why come to the famous Corner café and not order my finest creations?" "Oh okay, then I guess I'll leave now." It's like he doesn't understand how exhausting life can be. I just want to be left alone, I don't want to discuss drinks and famous foods. "No, you must enjoy Paris! Don't leave because you aren't in the mood! Stay, stay. Sit right down." He waved his arm out, welcoming me to the sit on a stool near a glass window. Outside the window the air looked chilly and the sun looked like it was drooping from the sky. "Really, is there anything I can get to you to put a smile on your face? Who did you come to Paris with anyway?" "I came alone, I took a trip to get away from home." "Ah, I see, flying solo." He chuckled. He thought he was funny, but I didn't care to laugh at his joke. "May I ask why you came alone?" "There's no specific reason, just the usual. I'm exhausted, you go through 7 years of college education and it really wares you out. I

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