Persons Deprived of Liberty

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2010 National Summit Declaration on Persons Deprived of Liberty Manila, Philippines “Collaborative Partnership in Enhancing the Dignity of Persons Deprived of Liberty” The participants, representing the Executive Branch, the Legislature, the Judiciary, other public institutions, civil society organizations, faith-based organizations and other partners, AFFIRMING the State’s constitutional obligation and adherence with international laws and covenants to protect and uphold fundamental rights and freedoms of all, and the primacy of human dignity in Philippine society; ACKNOWLEDGING the inherent dignity of persons deprived of liberty and their right to humane treatment; RECOGNIZING the roles of public institutions including…show more content…
Create an inter-agency working group among public organizations in the criminal justice system to foster a seamless system for persons deprived of liberty from arrest to re-integration, whose initial task is to formulate common standards, protocols, systems and processes; and pursue a research agenda in aid policy-making to promote and protect the dignity of persons deprived of liberty; 3. Formulate policies, standards and procedures to tap resources of non-government partners, including families, to augment the food subsidies and medical care of persons deprived of liberty from national and local sources, particularly in detention centers under the supervision and control of the Philippine National Police; 4. Conduct full evaluation of current rehabilitation programs for persons deprived of liberty implemented by the Department of Interior and Local Government and the Department of Justice, in order to determine adequacy, efficiency and effectiveness, and to modify, update or reorient these in accordance with the requirements of restorative justice; 5. Document good practices in the implementation of the Diversion Program under Republic Act 9344; the Volunteer Probation Aide Program; and inmates welfare and
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