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CAITLYN DALY The essay Persons and Others written by Lorraine Code reviews and responds to specific issues and details in the novel As We Are Now by May Sarton. As We Are Now is a novel about the struggles the elderly face when that time comes. The story is told from Miss Caro Spencer’s point of view, beginning when she is brought and left at a mediocre nursing home for the elderly. She tells about hardships of growing old from the mental, emotional and physical troubles. Caro is forced to stay at Twin Elms nursing home by her older brother John and his much younger wife Ginny, this is her only family and she feels some what betrayed by them. Her caretakers at Twin Elm are awful and treat her horribly as she explains through out the…show more content…
The women refer to the people in their care as nothing more than “poor things”, as if they aren’t people but merely objects; and Code recognizes that by objectifying these old people the caretakers saying that they are worth nothing. As stated by Code on page 4 “ Treating a person as little more than an object, in its cognitive dimension, implies acknowledging no significant differences between such a person and an ordinary, everyday object”, what I get from this is that the women who run the nursing home and those who objectify any person are completely ignorant. Before you can judge and objectify, though you really should never objectify people, you need to truly know a person and understand who they are and where they came from; a treatment that Caro’s caretakers never gave her or any other “guest” in their nursing home. Code explains through Kantian’s formulation that “one must always treat with humanity” and that there are different levels of knowing other people. It takes time to truly know some one and if we just give time to understand people we could treat them much better and more appropriately. These two women who run Twin Elms have put themselves in this position and portray themselves as responsible women who can be trusted with old, senile, and overall vulnerable people. Code believes the best way to care for these type of old people is sympathetically and compassionately; as we would want to be treated
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