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New Perspective of Panchali in Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s The Palace of Illusion
Abstract: In The Palace of Illusion, Divakaruni portrays Panchali as a bold, powerful and independent woman, an equal to the men and not subservient. She presents Panchali’s life as a series of choices made by her and giving her a voice in the overwhelmingly patriarchal society that was ancient India. Divakaruni interprets the epic – Mahabharat which provides a complete narrative. She gives a stronger role to the women of the story, and portrays them as equals in society. This paper aims at the new perspective given to Panchali by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni. Draupadi has been portrayed mostly negatively in Hindu society in India and we will fail to find girls being named after her. Many believe that it was her headstrong actions that brought about the destruction of the Third Age of Man. She is known to be a kritya - one who brings doom to her clan. But Divakaruni moves away from such interpretations to provide a new outlook of Panchali.
Key words: Perspective - View point, Patriarchal – Relating to a system run by male in society, Subservient – Submissive, Interpretation – Explanation, Headstrong – Determined.
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But her only worry, at this point is, how the spotlight of history would fall on her when she was leading a cloistered existence in the ―mausoleum of a palace‖. She does not want her life to be recorded in the records of history as a mere victim of circumstances. It is significant to note that in most constructions of Draupadi, in both literary and non-literary texts, she is seen as a prey of patriarchy which is perpetuated by the dominant discourses of the time. In Divakaruni‘s version, Draupadi wants to be a maker of her own
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